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The Beginnings of On line Gambling

Gambling has been in existence worldwide since the dawn of time. The earliest evidence of betting is located in ancient scriptures when Kings and Lords worldwide played the game of Dice. Eventually it spread in different types and perhaps the most thrilling and most famous of which was betting on horse races.

As the Internet expanded and became popular on-line betting, which began sometime in 1996 with the opening of few casino sites, quickly became a very popular activity.

The origin of on line gambling is quite brief. In so short a time, on-line gambling has reached multi-billion dollar status and continues to expand fiscally. Internet betting seem to happen in a blink of an eye. Once it reached realization, large and successful companies were just rising from its roots and soon became power houses.

It all began in 1994 when the island of Antigua Barbuda enacted the laws allowing on line casinos to engage in business from their homeland. These laws continue until today. This has been known as the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act.

With the technologies of Internet gambling already in place, the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act legalized the licensing and operation of Internet casinos with the authority of Antigua Barbuda. Among those who took advantage of this opportunity was the brothers Rivkin (Andrew and Mark) who founded Cryptologic which created software carefully handling monetary transactions with unmatched encryption designs. Likewise, both Microgaming and Starnet Communications were born in the same year that the law was enacted in Antigua Barbuda.

On line gambling is both advantageous and risky. The benefits are more evident, since it has surpassed traditional betting around the globe. The primary reason is that it offers the convenience and variety offered to bettors. On line gambling sites, which continue to grow from day to day, provides different games such as slot machines, card games, craps and roulette. Every game offers its own excitement.

Another advantage is the convenience offered to bettors to engage in on line betting in the comfort of their homes. No dress code, monetary currency, or schedules are demanded. Betting can be done during the morning, evening or even in the wee hours of the morning.

On line betting is budget friendly and time saving since it limits the cost of travel, dining and other fees which go hand in hand with a conventional betting trip.

Now the thrill of on line betting can be seen anywhere from horses to baseball. Internet betting has become the latest pastime of bettors who would like to pit their luck and skill against odd makers.




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