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As the gaming industry continues to expand around the world it seems that few countries are willing to give up the huge taxes which can be produced from institutionalized gambling operations. This concept was lately accepted even by the Chinese government.

Around the world there are casinos being built in a rapid pace, mainly due to the world growing demand of tourists that are looking for exotic casinos placed in foreign location around the world. As for now even the Chinese government which had a strict approach toward gambling activities is willing to build Chinese casinos in exotic locations, such as in Macau. is a site devoted to explore and report the many different aspect of Chinese gambling activities, Chinese casinos and traditional Chinese gambling houses that have been operating for more than 8 centuries.

Our team of experts writers is doing their best to bring to you the latest updates about Chinese casinos and online operation situated in China so that you'll never miss even one bit of information.

this is the ultimate source for Chinese casinos on the web, fell free to browse our site and to comment us, we always to be in touch with our readers. For more information you can view our linking section or go ahead to our articles section!

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