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The Ending Game

Betting on sports has become very popular in the world of gambling. Because of the tremendous opportunity of watching a game in an almost live pace that sports channels provide the mass media, almost everyone can make a bet without the risk on betting on something that has already been decided. One sport that rises above the others in terms of the number of people gambling in it is basketball. Its fast, its exciting, there are a number of promising teams, and each game is a surprise.

Unfortunately, some match-ups in the basketball might look one sided, which makes finding a possible better hard because no one wants to bet at the weaker team. Also, the outcome of the game might not be too surprising every time. The stats of each player and each team are being provided to almost everyone that deciding who will win is not all gamble.

However there is a gambling game that gives back the part luck plays in sport gambling. An ending game is played like a lottery. The gamblers who will participate in the game will try to guess two numbers that will most likely be the ending numbers of the score of both the team at the end of the match. Also, the player who guessed the right ending number will most commonly bag all of the bets that every gambler participated at that game. For example team 'a' won a match against team 'b'. Team 'a' scored 96 and team 'b' scored 94. Then the winning combination of this game is 6 and 4.

Because of this, all the gamblers that are planning to place a bet on a basketball match will be forced to guess the winning combination of the game rather than guess whose team will win the match. Thus bringing back the chance factor in the world of gambling.

Right now, the basketball is the most common type of sport where the ending game exist because both teams scores a lot and the ending number of both the teams score comes out almost at random. Boxing cannot participate in the ending game since the scored will not be mentioned when the fight ends with a knockout or because of referee's decision. Tennis and other sports like this such as badminton and table tennis doesn't reach high scores such as the ending scores in basketball, which makes gambling at this sport dull. And some sports just don't have the unpredictability scoring pattern those basketball posses.




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